TOP 6 Techniques of The Law of Attraction to Make Your Dreams Come True

We have already spoken about how to manifest your desires in the universe to make the law of attraction remember you. So, today it’s time to learn about ways to use LoA to your benefit! We will tell you about the techniques that will help to make your dreams come true. Some of them may not seem obvious, but just at first glance! 

In fact, everything is interconnected in our lives, and the techniques that we will talk about below will be a vivid example of this for you. So, discover the methods of enabling the law of attraction and enjoy the results.

Why Does the Law of Attraction Work?

We have already told you about the principles of the LoA. However, now it’s worth repeating what we’ve spoken about just in case. Although its existence is not confirmed by official science, life convinces us that the law of attraction controls many areas of our lives, and there is nothing supernatural about it. The law of attraction has its own logic – like all the other laws of the universe.

First, we are talking about the spiritual effects that the law of attraction provides. Spirituality is what we need so much for physical and mental health, reducing stress, and getting rid of depression. Inner peace gives birth to positive energy and shows the universe that you are ready to meet the best you really deserve. 

Your positive energy message is broadcast on different frequencies and causes a response that plays into your hands. That is why it is so important to think positively and focus on your dreams, not disappointments because positivity attracts positivity.

Another important aspect that encourages us to believe in the work of the law of attraction is physical well-being. You probably noticed that positive thoughts cause a feeling of euphoria and lightness and make you forget about fatigue and ailments. It is at such moments that the desire to do something or work to get closer to your dreams arises—and the universe turns to meet you and provide the best opportunities to make all of them come true.

So, we recalled the key features of the law of attraction philosophy in brief. It’s time to move on to the techniques and think about how you can apply them to your own life.

Focus Wheel

The focus wheel is a powerful technique of self-awareness that will help you stay focused on positive thoughts and events all the time and make the law of attraction work for you. It helps to organize your thoughts and feelings and find something good, even in negative events.

Use this sequence for doing the focus wheel:

  1. Draw a circle on a piece of paper. Then draw a smaller circle in the middle and divide it into 12 equal parts.
  2. Write down your fears and troubles on a separate sheet. Negative relationships, problems of misunderstanding, feelings of insecurity, and dissatisfaction with yourself may be on the list!
  3. Translate all the items from the list to the opposite ones, with a positive value. For example, “to become an object of ridicule in the eyes of others” is very easy to re-sound “to cause overall admiration and respect.”
  4. Write the translated positive feelings in the center of the focus wheel. This is already the beginning of the translation of your dreams into the universe and attracting good things into your life.
  5. Translate positive feelings into positive affirmations. For example, “I am ready for a romantic relationship” or “my actions make others respect me.” Write them down by moving sequentially in the center of the circle.
  6. You will notice that each new positive affirmation gives rise to the next positive one. Write them all down and reread them.

Thus, you can understand your aspirations more precisely and feel a surge of energy. Repeat this exercise with the focus wheel every time you feel discouraged or get stuck in negative thoughts.

Discovering the Hidden Positives

The saying “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” is used so often that it has almost lost its true meaning to us. However, it is a powerful hint of the possibilities that the law of attraction may give you! 

Indeed, many negative events are negative in our minds only. After studying the situation further, you suddenly realize that it has many benefits and opens up new opportunities for you. Turning negative experiences to your advantage, drawing the correct conclusions, and maintaining mental balance attract an increasing number of positive developments and opportunities to realize your dreams. 

Doing Some Acts of Kindness Randomly

You may have noticed that when helping someone with a car park, you are bound to receive similar help in the same situation from somebody else. Also, for example, giving someone your turn at the doctor’s or at the store, you get the same thing after a while. 

And we repeat, once again, that like attracts like! Do little good deeds as often as possible, and the universe will surely smile at you!

Positive Self-Talk

The confidence in our own worthlessness and lack of the right to happiness compels us to behave accordingly. You sink into negative stereotypes and are lured into unpleasant events. That is why it is so important to combat excessive self-criticism and to have a positive inner dialogue at all times! Thus, you can get rid of despair and depression and attract optimism and self-confidence, which always become the guiding light for inner harmony, physical health, and success.

Leave Your Comfort Zone for Sometime

The term “comfort zone” sounds positive. However, when toxic relationships, hateful jobs, or oppressive routines are hidden behind them, everything ceases to be so rosy. Allow yourself the pleasure of breaking up a troubled affair, trying to find a job to your liking, or going on a trip to where you’ve always wanted to. You will feel your mind becoming clearer and a source of energy appearing inside. Moreover, many claims that after leaving the comfort zone, the events around them are folded in the most favorable way. It makes sense to try!


The path to spirituality and positive relationships with the universe through meditation is quite long but very pleasant. Breathe. Listen to relaxing music from our YouTube channel, The Relaxing Panda. Practice visualization and focusing. Using the most appropriate technique for you, you find inner harmony and a positive view of the world, to which the universe will respond with its favor! 

As you can see, there are many ways to make the law of attraction work for you. Some of them may seem long, but you will certainly get carried away with these techniques, so you will feel more healthy, calm, and confident almost immediately.

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