3 Highly Effective Meditations for Motivation and Energy

Many of us think of meditation as a way to relax and achieve tranquility, although this is not the only effect. In fact, its techniques may well have an invigorating effect! We have no doubt that you have read our guide on meditation and realized its possibilities for achieving mindfulness, spirituality, and awareness. However, this is not all its benefits, since meditations for motivation are the icing on the cake called spiritual practices.

The fact is that the biological effect of meditation increases the level of endorphins in your blood. It doesn’t matter if you practice breathing, listen to Lo-Fi music or other relaxing tracks, or prefer guided meditation, you feel an extraordinary spiritual uplift and are ready to roll mountains.

Another key positive effect of meditation is an increase in melatonin levels. This hormone handles the quality and regulation of sleep, and a sufficient amount of it provides an improvement in physical well-being. You feel full of strength and energy and are ready to make your day as efficient as possible. Besides, a full rest triggers favorable processes in our brain, including an increase in gray matter. This improves memory, attention, and intelligence, which also contributes to your success.

So, you probably realized that you can use the secrets of meditation to feel more energetic and motivated. Now we will share with you some practices that will help you stay in harmony with yourself and the world on a daily basis!

Salutation to the Sun as a Vigorous Wake-Up

If you practice yoga, a Sun Salutation will be a great and energetic start to the day. This sequence of asanas is aimed at conscious physical movement with coordinated and organic breathing. You get into a kind of flow and feel you are adjusting to a balance with the universe.

We will tell you the sequence of a Sun Salutation in its simplest version:

  1. Extend your arms above your head. Then lean forward, slightly bending your knees. After that, put your hands on your hips to straighten your spine and then fold into a forward fold. Exhale after each position change.
  2. Put your feet in the plank position with your hands on the mat. Slowly lower yourself until your body lies flat on the mat. Inhale and lift your shoulders and head above the mat, leaving your hands on the ground. Exhale and sink back onto the mat with your face down.
  3. Walk your feet back to the top of the mat and roll your body up gently, starting with your legs and ending with your neck and head. You can repeat it all over again if you feel a rush of euphoria.

Morning Shower Meditations for Motivation

The combination of meditation and a refreshing morning shower is a great way to get a charge of true cheerfulness and readiness for any undertaking. To do this, you need quite a bit:

  1. Adjust the water temperature to the perfect level for you.
  2. Remove anything that might distract you. Turn on gentle relaxing music to give yourself a full immersion into the flow.
  3. Focus on the streams of water flowing from the top of the head all over the body down to the feet. Imagine how it cleanses your body and mind, taking away anxiety, fears, uncertainty, and indecision.
  4. Move from tactility to other senses. Listen to the murmur of water. Inhale the fragrance of your favorite shampoo, shower gel, and perfume. Do it with your eyes closed to feel the magic of the moment.

Morning shower meditation takes no more time than your routine water treatments. However, you trigger awareness and mindfulness and set yourself up for the activity.

Combine Morning Walk and Meditations for Motivation

This is another reason for leaving any transport and a leisurely morning walk to work or school. You take slow steps, focusing more on breathing than on physical movement, and gradually achieve your inner balance and positive mood. Besides, fresh air contributes to an increase in the level of endorphins, so you will certainly enjoy the process.

Try to plan your route in such a way as to exclude crowds of passers-by and heavy traffic. If you have the opportunity, move along quiet streets, walking paths, through squares and parks. At the same time, walk slowly and breathe slowly, focusing on each inhalation and exhalation and counting steps. Try to keep the same pace regardless of the focal point at the moment, whether it’s your body or breathing. You can also set the rhythm and speed with relaxing music in your headphones, which you can find on our The Relaxing Panda YouTube channel and other sources.

You can do the whole road or part of it this way. Return to a normal pace step by step and focus on the surrounding nature and architecture to realize the beauty and inspiration of the world anew.

As you can see, incorporating meditation into your daily routine is easy. You will get more than you can imagine! Practice every day and peace of mind, the joy of life, and optimism will become your wonderful benefits!

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