7 Productive Ways to Deal with Stress

Psychologists and doctors consider stress to be one of the most dangerous conditions for a person. Permanent tension, fear, anxiety, and bad expectations lead to deterioration of your physical and mental health and may cause serious illnesses. Is it possible to cope with this on your own? Of course, everything is in your hands! We are going to talk about effective ways to deal with stress and try to banish it from your life.

Eliminate or Reduce All Possible Triggers

Stress occurs under the influence of some circumstances, and most of the time it is enough to eliminate the cause for a successful fight against the consequences. Analyze your life and think about what causes you the most anxiety and internal strife. For instance:

  1. Perhaps this is an unloved and difficult job or just an excess of it? 
  2. Maybe these are relationship problems with your loved one? 
  3. Uncomfortable neighborhood? 
  4. Forced and regular communication with unpleasant people? 
  5. Or maybe you follow the world news and some events upset you? 

Anyway, determining the cause is the first step towards eliminating it or reducing its impact on your life.

If you can’t identify the obvious cause of stress, try to start a journal. Note in all the situations when you felt fear, anxiety, or resentment. Analyzing these records will help to come to a common source of stress.

Work It Out!

Regular exercise is one of the most effective ways to relax your muscles and put your thoughts in order. Physical activity contributes to the production of the hormone endorphin, so many athletes note how their mood improves after training. However, keep in mind that consistency is the decisive factor here. Be ready to practice regularly for a positive effect and to relieve your stress.

Listen to Relaxing Music that Helps Deal with Stress 

Soothing melodies and the sounds of nature have repeatedly proven their ability to bring our mental health into order. Regular listening to such music helps to get rid of negative and disturbing thoughts and situations, allows your mind to flow freely, relaxes your nervous system, and helps to tune in to a positive mood. Moreover, you can turn to relaxing music even if severe stress prevents you from doing everyday work or urgent and complex tasks. Add Lo-Fi music or the sound of rain to your playlist to forget about stress and feel calmer, focused, and productive. On our YouTube channel, you will find playlists with special tracks to put your thoughts and emotions in order.

Sleep Enough!

Lack of sleep is one of our worst enemies today. Hard work and studying take up almost all of our time, and if we need to find some of it for our loved ones from the remaining hours, just crumbs remain for the rest.

 Sleep deprivation is very dangerous. About two weeks of sleep for 2-4 hours a day can lead to stress, neurosis, and mental disorders. 

Finding enough time to rest is your commitment to yourself. Sleeping for 6-7 hours is the normal limit, but if you can find 8-9 hours at least once a week, you will notice a difference in your mood and attitude toward the world. 

Turn to Meditation

Meditation techniques and spiritual practices have been known for thousands of years. Their major goals are a deeper look inside yourself, awareness, the ability to manage your emotions and feelings, and to reveal spiritual forces for harmony with the world around you. Regular meditation helps you to be at peace with yourself, deal with stress, and gain what we call mindfulness.

Do not give up the idea of practicing if you have not turned to meditation before. Try some meditation techniques for beginners! They are effective and easy to understand. You can practice them whenever you want, especially when feeling anxious or afraid.

Reduce Self-control and Self-demands

Perfectionism is one of the most common sources of stress. You strive to be on time here and there, keep the bar high, make excessive demands on yourself and expose yourself to cruel self-reproach if you fail. Did you recognize yourself in this portrait? Well, you are a true perfectionist, for whom the slightest failure brings stress and depression.

You need to take it for granted that it is impossible to jump over your head. Self-discipline and permanent success are fine, but isn’t the price too high? Believe us, others do not expect impressive feats from you. The world will not turn upside down if you miss something or make a mistake. 

Go easy on yourself easier, smile more often, and let your internal controller go. Then, you will immediately feel how the inner grip is loosened, the anxiety goes away, and it becomes much easier for you to breathe.

Love and Pamper Yourself to Deal with Stress!

No one will take better care of you than you. You know your desires and needs, so indulge them at the slightest opportunity. Take the time to plunge into your favorite hobby, or at least find a couple of hours a day for it. Buy yourself treats as praise for a successful business. Sign up for a spa, take a leisurely stroll in the park, and play with your kids. You know what makes you happy, and don’t let it out of your life. All these joys will become the strongest shield against any stress.

To Sum It Up

Stress deprives us of the opportunity to work, communicate, and enjoy life. That is why it is so important to confront him in an appropriate way. Listen to yourself so as not to miss the first signs of stress and relieve it as early as possible. Perhaps our methods will suit you, or maybe you have your own secret weapon. Anyway, it is in your power to forget about stress for a productive and happy life.

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