How Suitable is Meditation for Anxiety Attack and Panic Attack

How Suitable is Meditation for Anxiety Attack and Panic Attack

Many of us have no knowledge about panic attacks until we face them or see people suffering from panic attacks around us. Doing meditation for anxiety attack is the best treatment. It is common in some countries and also uncommon in some other countries. One suffering from an anxiety attack can feel the pain he is going through. He can have the knowledge of what feelings he was having in attacks.

However, it can be treated well. Meditation is the best action that anybody can adopt to release anxiety and live a happy life. We encourage you to remain busy with your scheduled work and have meditation to erase all the negative thoughts that are creating a disturbance in your mind.

Mindfulness for Panic Attacks

Mindfulness meditation is the best strategy one can follow to erase the negativity in your mind—all you have to do is sit at the place where you feel peace. Close your eyes and think about the good experiences you had in your life. Also, you can talk with your favorite people about your favorite things. Having a caring partner is the blessing of god. 


The best strategy is to realize your problem, whatever it is, and think that it will end once. All these are going to help you in mindfulness for panic disorder. No pain lasts forever. Nothing is more precious than your life.

Breathe well, mindfulness about good experiences, and thinking about future happiness can eliminate panic attacks.

Can Meditation Help Anxiety Attacks?

A lot of the signs of panic attacks, such as a racing heartbeat, rapid breathing, and feelings of fear, can be linked to a panic attack. When you are in a state of fight or flight, hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline are released, luring your body into thinking you’re in danger even though you’re not. This situation will lead you into a panic attack.

Meditation for anxiety attacks has a great impact to reduce them and can trigger your mind to relax and think about positivity. Meditation techniques are like breathing meditation, mindfulness, visualization, and settling your body at this moment. All help to signal your body that you’re secure in the present moment. This helps calm down the flight response or flight.

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The simple treat is to prepare yourself for the situation creating fear. According to research, If you can create space between yourself and the problem you’re in, your anxiety will lessen, and you have fewer chances of panic attacks after meditation. When we become involved in a cycle of reactivity, we cause more stress within our lives. Recognizing the distinction between responding in awareness and reacting with mindfulness is essential.

How Long to Meditate for Anxiety?

A beginner can start with a one-minute session and gradually increase it to a maximum of 13 minutes a day with the amount of time. Meditation can be beneficial for your mental health and lowers stress levels. Try meditation in the morning, especially if you’re inexperienced. You’ll be able to master the technique within a matter of minutes as it’s the time when there is little distraction.

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There is no time limit for meditation. A beginner can start at any time, at any moment of the day. Some people feel comfortable in the dark, so there is no hesitation. Mindfulness meditation refers to finding peace, so meditate like you feel confident and satisfied. It is recommended to meditate in the morning as there is no noise and distractions in the environment, and you find peace and have fresh air to breathe.

Go for a walk with your partner, talk about the best experiences and meditate in small sessions. You will have a good day ahead. Keep yourself busy with the work you want to do or what you like. This is the best thing to do in meditation to avoid anxiety attacks.

Videos for Meditation on YouTube

We are running a YouTube channel for the Lofi music and meditation videos. Check here our channel for meditation videos. These videos run low-frequency music which is good for your brain to release the best hormones to avoid your anxiety. Here we are attaching some meditation videos. For more videos, visit our channel here.

Meditation to Calm Panic Attacks

It seems challenging to meditate during a panic attack, but you can if you focus on something happening around you. This meditation cannot help you in stopping the panic attacks at once, but it will help you to overcome them fast.

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Five Senses Meditation for Anxiety Attack

Use your five senses like listening, smelling, touching, sight and taste to analyze your surrounding. It will help you to divert your mind from one thing to another. For example, where are you lying? Is it a hard surface? Who is next to you? How are others reacting? These types of questions that you can ask yourself.

By practicing these, you will be able to calm yourself down fast.

Breathing Meditation for Anxiety Attack

Try to control your breathing and lower your breathing. Focus on exhaling. Exhale as much as you can, making your mouth round. You may find it challenging to reduce your breath, but you can try, and it will get some results.

You can place your hand on the chest and feel the breathing session. By doing this, you can avoid panic attacks fast and relieve yourself from anxiety attacks.

Our Final Words

Develop a mindfulness meditation habit, as it has many benefits for you. Try to meditate for ten minutes daily. It is helpful for all people, even if they are suffering from panic disorder or anxiety. Also, people with no fear at all should try meditation. They will see the results after doing meditation. At first, people may find it difficult to mindfulness, but with practice, they can master it and enjoy their daily routines.

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