21 Best Positive Affirmations for Anxiety

Positive Affirmations for Anxiety

There is always change in everyone’s life, mood and environment. That changes impact differently on the behavior of humans. Many people get frustrated which results in anxiety and stress. The people who got frustrated should read and repeat positive affirmations to relieve the tension. We are listing some positive affirmations for anxiety that can be beneficial to change one’s mood.

Positive affirmations for anxiety are basically a talk with yourself. You ensure yourself that you are the one who can bear the situation. Positive affirmations give an idea and courage to face the situation and how to control the anxiety without getting frustrated.

The research has shown that people got controlled anxiety attacks with proper meditation and repeating positive affirmations in daily life. These affirmations are not only great for frustrated people but people in a happy mood can read and implement them in their lives, and they will be able to see more positivity in their mood and decision-making.

Positive Morning Affirmations for Anxiety

It is a universal wish to start a good day with new ambition and courage to finish your work and take our some time for your relaxation and with family. A good morning starts with a good positive affirmation. We are listing some positive affirmations for anxiety here that you can read in the morning to freshen your mind.

‘’Today, I am going to finish my work in style’’

‘’I have another day to live with my happiness and enjoy my day at work and with family.’’

‘’I am good at work, I am going to finish my work in my first sitting’’


These are some excellent affirmations you can read in the morning and relax. They will boost your confidence and you will feel comfortable at work. Hence you will have a good start to the day. Read affirmations to attract your loving person here.

Affirmations for Anxiety Attacks

Many of us are unaware of the anxiety attacks until we see the doctor. It is a normal for thing happened to us in the tough situation we cannot handle. The best strategy to handle anxiety attacks is to prepare yourself for the attacks. Have believed in yourself, and encourage yourself that you are enough powerful to handle it. Here is the affirmations list you can memorize or read to overcome your panic attacks.

‘’This too, shall pass very soon.’’

‘’I am remembering the loved moment spent with my favorite person, it will help me out to handle the attack.’’

‘’I am safe and I will be OK soon.’’

‘’It is making me worried, but worry will not solve it. I am the only one who can handle it and I will do it asap.’’

‘’What I am thinking is not good for my health, I have enough time ahead to solve my problems and there is always an ease after every hurdle.’’

be kind affirmation

The person, who has been through already this difficult situation can repeat the following affirmations.

‘’I have already gone through it. It is not a big deal, it will be over again and I will be proud of myself to handle it beautifully’’

‘’This is going to be the last time of the attack, as I have enough courage to solve my problems by myself.’’

Best Positive Affirmations for Anxiety

One thing that should be kept in mind unrealistic affirmations can make you more stressed, You should be remain grounded and realistic in thinking about affirmations. In this way, you will be able to handle difficulties and prepare yourself for the upcoming hurdles.

It could be difficult to go through difficult situations like giving presentations in public or facing your boss or another situation you may know for your case. It is suggested to be prepared before the situation, it will be easy for you to handle it.

mindfulness meditation in anxiety attack

Therefore, we suggest repeating positive affirmations in your daily life, so you remain calm and your mind has fresh feelings and you feel strong enough to deal with anxiety. Here are some positive affirmations for anxiety to deal with it.

‘’I prefer the calm’’

‘’I have a positive thinking personality.’’

‘’Nobody can give me stress, I have enough power to deal with any anxiety.’’

‘’I am living the best time of my life.”

‘’I don’t care about what people think about me.’’

‘’It is better to take my decision by myself.’’

‘’ I am the only person who can settle down the matter I am facing.’’

‘’There is always ease after every hurdle and struggle.’’

‘’The things around me are beautiful and have many attractions, so I am blessed.’’

‘’I am uncomfortable not in danger, it will settle down at the end.’’

‘’I am brave, this little uncomfortable cannot bother me.’’


It is important to repeat some positive affirmations for anxiety, but more important is to remain realistic as much as possible. These affirmations are the best way to encourage you and boost your power to deal with daily problems. Trust me, you will have a confidence boost by repeating these positive affirmations.

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