9 Steps You Should Do Before Meditation

Knowledge about what to do before meditation is essential for both experienced practitioners and beginners. It is necessary to consider several points if you want to plunge into this amazing state, which leads to calmness, mental clearing, excellent health, and self-consciousness. We will be very happy to give you some meditation tips so you can better prepare for it and focus on yourself, your condition, and this amazing moment.

Why Do We Give Up Meditation Before We Start It?

The benefits of meditation are certain. Even those who are far from the practice know them. Stress relief, beating anxiety, physical and mental pain relief, and the ease of thinking and accepting oneself become the reasons why many begin to learn mantras and try to arrange sits from time to time.

Unfortunately, even this is not enough to turn meditation into a helpful and regular habit. Thousands of us abandon it after a couple of attempts. Most often, the reasons for losing interest are as follows:

  1. You’re uncomfortable. Your posture may be uncomfortable. The lighting may be too bright. You may suddenly feel a draught in the room. The surface you’re sitting on may be too hard. Even if you know how to meditate, all this will not give you a state of calm and detachment. The goal of the meditation is no longer there, and the desire to continue fades.
  2. You are distracted! Alas, this is the most common reason why meditation for beginners becomes a kind of failure. Extraneous sounds, room temperature variations, and even unexpected aromas make you lose concentration during the sit. You are interrupted, then disappointed, and a lot of newbies may think that this is not for them!
  3. You do not see the result at once. Some beginners regard meditation as a panacea, a miraculous, albeit temporary, panacea. And that’s what we call high expectations. Getting rid of them is not always easy, but necessary; you will feel the vibe of the universe and be confident in your path of consciousness.

As you can see, the reasons are quite valid; it is they that become obstacles to our development through spiritual practice. Done with the fears and doubts! 

Now you will learn how to prepare for meditation and what to do to grow into this amazing state of serenity and self-knowledge.

So, What to Do Before Meditation? Some Important Steps for You

So, your intention to experience all the advantages of meditation in practice is powerful and undeniable. It means that it’s time to start! Now, we’ll tell you about the steps you need to take to learn more. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Arrange your place for meditation

It doesn’t matter where you sit. It can be your bedroom, living room, or home terrace. The most important factor is that there is no inconvenience.

Setting up a comfortable space where you feel spiritual and physical unity is part of getting ready for meditation.

Choose a comfortable mat, shawl, or pillow. Light candles or a salt lamp. Turn on the soothing tunes you will find on our channel. Surround yourself with everything that helps you relax. Imagine that you are building a nest where you are warm, serene, and safe.

Get rid of anything that might distract you

Things from outside can throw you off the path to self-knowledge. Do you remember this? Take care of yourself!

  • Turn off the TV and silence the phone. 
  • Ask the household not to bother you for a while (sure, they can do without you for an hour or two!). 
  • Let the pets go out for a walk in the garden. 
  • Leave the dishwasher and washing machine alone, as well as any other technique that makes sharp sounds. 
  • Make sure you are not cold or hot.

On the one hand, it is commonplace. On the other hand, now you know how to get good at meditation at its very core.

A pure body implies a pure mind

Physical preparation for meditation includes taking care of your body as well. A relaxing bath or shower will leave you feeling refreshed and motivated to take care of yourself.

Consider other needs! Make sure you are not hungry, not thirsty, or experiencing acute pain. Believe us, it is very important to focus on the process properly.

Experienced practitioners insist that taking care of yourself is the first thing to do before meditation.

Define a suitable posture

Meditation is not about competition and showing off, so forget complex and intricate postures. You should be relaxed!

If you are a beginner, a half lotus will be quite enough. It does not require much flexibility or lengthy training. Experienced meditators can try something more complicated. Anyway, you must maintain this posture with minimal muscle tension; otherwise, you will be distracted and tire soon.

Keep yourself motivated!

The intention is the beginning of meditation. The intent is the purpose, and if you know what you’re doing it for, it will be much easier for you to focus on the process. You do not need to think about it all the time. Just a brief reminder at the beginning is enough, and it will also become a constantly updated source of inspiration.

Prepare mantras and affirmations in advance if you need them

When intentions or focus are wrapped in words, meditation is much easier. Take the time to figure out what you want this time. Even if you already have a little practice, it is this preparation that will let you collect your thoughts and let them float freely along the path you need.

Limit your expectations!

Many newcomers are sure that something extraordinary will happen to them during the very first meditation. However, it is a deep process of relaxation and mindfulness, so do not think that a couple of sittings will let you achieve all the goals!

The process requires diligence, and diligence is perseverance for a certain time.

If you meditate regularly, you will feel the spiritual fullness and lightness of the body you imagined. For now, forget about the end result and stop analyzing your situation every minute. Just enjoy the harmony!

Set the timer

And now, to more routine things again. Another thing you need to do before meditation is to define the time you are planning to devote to practice. The timer will become your best assistant! You will stop thinking about the time constantly and will not complete the meditation too early. Besides, adding an extra 2 or 3 minutes to the sitting will ensure a smooth transition from relaxation and spiritual detachment to everyday life.

And finally, one more tip for you

If any of these steps failed or did not end properly, do not blame yourself and sprinkle ashes on your head. You have your own spiritual path, and meditation does not require immediate perfection. Be kind and forgiving to yourself! Little by little, adjust the preparation for the meditation, removing the superfluous and adding the necessary. The music from our YouTube channel will be handy. Soon, your mind and body will enter harmony, and meditation will become more effective and exciting. We believe in you!