6 Steps That Will Help You Set New Year’s Resolutions and Achieve Goals

The New Year is the time when we can cause a positive twist in our lives to good effect. During these days, we amp up the magic by manifesting our wishes. We can call it a miracle, but it works. So why miss the opportunity?

With big hopes, we usually decide on the goals for the next year, uttering them aloud or writing them down (or both). Are there any special secrets or tricks related to New Year’s resolutions? How should we wield the power of the 31st of December?

We are going to provide you with a brief guide in this regard. You can add the perfect music from our YouTube channel to your powerful manifestations and focus on your dream even better!

About the Technique in Clear Terms

Manifestation is an old practice that was used by the heathen in order to appeal to natural forces and ask them for the fulfillment of desires. Nowadays, manifestation is not about spelling. It is about our ability to concentrate on our wishes. This phenomenon is known as the law of attraction. It is suggested that you will get what you want if you focus on it.

You can use manifestations as New Year’s resolutions. A good while ago, the ancient people decided to pay all debts and repair mistakes up to this time of the year to be blessed. They reviewed the results of the past year and tried to complete all they were able to do before the first day of the New Year to make the start of a new cycle easier.

Your New Year’s resolution should be properly thought out. It should be SMART:

  • Specific,
  • Measurable,
  • Achievable,
  • Relevant,
  • Time-Bound.

Try to wish without being forced by fear and severe need. Your thoughts should be full of inspiration and joy.

How to create your New Year’s Resolution?

Before you try to make your New Year’s, dreams come true, read these tips on how to make your goals meaningful and effective. 

Begin by expressing thanks

It is vital to appreciate what you have. If you feel grateful, you improve your future well-being.

The fact that you have good health and a warm, safe house to live in is a good reason to give thanks to the universe. Just think of it!

Find half an hour to remember the past year and understand that every positive moment counts, including your yummy dinners and revitalising sleep. Things that we usually take for granted are things that we should be grateful for.

The more gratitude you feel, the more you will receive in the future.

Decide on your desires

You should phrase what you want to have. There are probably lots of ideas in your head. However, you should choose the most important ones that make you feel happy.

In order to understand your feelings, you should give them words. Just define and say distinctly what you want to get next year.

It makes sense to pick… let’s say, three principal desires and build your resolutions around them. It may take effort to narrow your wish list, but it pays to do it.

The goals can be small or big. It does not matter! What matters is your true emotional desire to achieve them. And do not forget that your wishes should be SMART.

Make your New Year’s Resolutions based on joy and love

You should want something not because you are afraid but because this dream fills you with love and satisfaction. Your vibrational frequency should be high. If the root of your desire is fear, think twice about whether you really need it.

Make a list of your New Year’s resolutions.

Now, put your desires in writing. Take a pen and a sheet of paper (or a notebook) and write down your wishes, including any specifics. 

If you have an idea of how to act, you can write your steps too, but avoid overestimating your abilities. Do not try to learn a new language for half a year.

We are offering the following examples of detailed resolutions for wellness:

  • I eat a serving of vegetables every day (it is suggested that you list the vegetables you are going to eat and explain their value).
  • I refuse to smoke (it would be nice to mention a schedule or day when you lay aside smoking).
  • I exercise every morning (you’d better add your basic plan for exercises).

Remember that your goals are not completely fixed. You may, and sometimes you should, reconsider them and make amendments so that they work with you.

Try visualization and meditation

Now is the time to visualize the moment when you get everything you want. Create vivid pictures in your mind and develop the images, programming your brain to view the opportunities related to your wishes and make the right choices that will lead you to success.

It is recommended to meditate every morning or evening, thinking of your goals. The appropriate music is of great help for this purpose. Also, we recommend knowing about the benefits of meditation.

Make it happen

Even if you made your New Year’s resolutions, it does not mean that you should just wait for your dreams to come true. You have shown your intentions. That is good. Now, support them with your actions. You should do anything you are able to, but keep focusing on your goals. Enjoy your immersion experience.

Our final words

New Year’s resolutions are your intentions announced in the right place at the right time. If you reinforce them with your proper attitude and focus on the subject, that will attract more of what you want to have, and in the long run, you will succeed.