5 Ways to Be Intentional and Live Life on Your Terms

Few people want to be the creators of their own lives, preferring to go with the flow and be easily satisfied without exerting any effort to make their dreams come true. However, if you want to get what you seriously want, you have to be intentional.

Remember that the approach implies focusing on long-term goals! And music can help you do that. You will find plenty of stunning tunes on our YouTube channel. Listen to them in the background to be more intentional while moving towards your new life.

In this article, we are going to provide insights into some efficient tools. Continue reading if you want to be more intentional and succeed!

What does being intentional mean?

It means purposefulness. To navigate towards your goal, you should choose habits that lead to success and reject those that do not. Invest your knowledge, skills, and time into challenging tasks.

Intentional living is not a relaxed life. It is about your constant striving on the path to success. There can be mistakes and failures, but nothing should impact your intentionality. You can only plan and take the right decisions by tracking your intermediate outcomes.

How to Be More Intentional?

Below, we are introducing the key things to practice if you want to live intentionally.

Prepare to win

This is about your plans. You should have a clear idea of what you want to get from being intentional, meaning why you should try and what you are going to do for this purpose.

Describe the destination and steps you are going to take in the selected direction in the following way:

  • write down plans for the coming day every morning;
  • rank them in accordance with their importance and urgency;
  • complete them in priority order with courage and conviction;
  • enjoy what you are doing, or rather, do what brings joy to you.

Consider a healthy lifestyle

You need to stay in good condition to be intentional and respond to challenges. It means that you should take care of your well-being. It is high time to start:

  1. Consider your circadian rhythm and understand when your performance is high. Build your schedule in accordance with your physiological needs and pay attention to your body’s cues to avoid health issues.
  2. Go to bed early and wake up early. It is recommended to have seven to nine hours of sleep daily.
  3. Eat feel-good dishes rich in vegetables, fruits, and protein. It is better to reduce greasy food, candy, and sweets.
  4. Drink water. Water consumption discipline is vital, as it allows your body to be full of energy.
  5. Work out in a gym (or at home if you are able to adhere to the routine without outside help).

Find time for daily spiritual exercises

Add meditation to the above routine and practice mindfulness. This activity allows for being more intentional. You are not expected to become an experienced meditator. You can spend ten minutes every day breathing deeply and trying to avoid negative thinking. 

Concentrate on the present moment, and you will feel better. Do it to appropriate music.

Arrange your environment

In order to design the environment that will help you perform well, you should:

  1. Develop relationships with skilled, gifted, and successful people, focused on their objectives. Perhaps it makes sense to look for mentors or personalities to emulate.
  2. Keep your communication channels under control. There are so many tools to prevent unwanted communication, such as refusing phone chats, blocking certain websites, and ceasing to leave posts on social media.
  3. Strain incoming content through filters. Consume only useful information, asking yourself whether it makes you closer to your dream.

Track the results of your effort

Constant referencing is one way to be intentional. Analyze your progress by making a kind of audit. Compare your actual activities with your schedule from time to time and improve your plan to boost progress. At that point, until the final result is achieved, you’d better not discuss your affairs with strangers and even friends, with the exception of your mentor.

Our final words

All of the above is extremely easy. Things like developing a plan, reconsidering your routine, taking care of your health, and focusing on your objectives are easy to perform because you can keep them under control. Designing your environment by refusing useless content and contacts with zero value is quite realistic.

So, what is being intentional? It is being ready to work hard, enhance your skills, and optimize the process without overdoing it.

You should not be afraid of failure. If the fear paralyzes you, it will block your movements. You should continue trying. Tracking failure causes and improving your plans, on the other hand, are critical. To put it in other words, being intentional means setting goals, learning, holding to your plan, and moving forward until you win.Remember that things don’t just happen. Start making it happen right now by listening to encouraging music!

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