Why and How Positive Affirmations Beat Anxiety and Calm Your Mind

Unfortunately, anxiety has become a companion to our present reality. Each of us feels it from time to time. Sometimes it’s logical and perfectly normal, but if you’re afraid constantly, it’s time to do something. Anxiety makes our minds work too hard and destroys us from within, so the sooner you begin to struggle with it, the better you will feel in the near future. There are various methods and techniques to deal with anxiety without medication, and positive affirmations may well be your lifesaver. 

Let us talk about why optimistic and cheerful statements help us feel calmer and why they strengthen and soothe our minds!

Why Do Positive Affirmations Really Help Us?

As you know, affirmations are certain mantras, or phrases you repeat to yourself many times in a row to affirm a certain fact, result, or action. It would seem that these are just words. Can they help? In fact, they can! And there is no mystique or magic (well, or maybe just a little). Let’s look at the reasons for it in more detail. 

You find support 

Positive affirmations have a certain psychotherapeutic effect. By repeating one or more encouraging phrases, you listen to your voice (even if it is inside you and you say them to yourself) and get used to a certain rhythm. Your consciousness concentrates on it and you are gradually distracted from your fears and anxieties. It is akin to meditation and works much the same way. 

In fact, you give your thinking a respite and opportunities to switch to other thoughts or plan your actions.

You set yourself up for positive thinking

As you know, positive thinking makes the law of attraction work. In the moments when you experience panic and fear and the entire universe seems to be against you, the affirmations help you develop a strategy that will let you get out of this state. 

Positive mantras affect your mind and universe, making the law of attraction work for you. They inspire, let you see something good in any situation, and strengthen your confidence in tomorrow. The more positive you feel, the more often the events around you run exactly as you want.

At the same time, positive thinking through affirmations is not instantaneous. You need to repeat the most attractive statements to yourself regularly and daily. Don’t put it off if you’re worried or scared. The earlier you train yourself to use positive thinking, the better!

You don’t feel lonely 

Most of the positive affirmations work as folk wisdom. You cease to think that your troubles are unique, unprecedented, and insurmountable. It is comforting, as you feel more confident and stop sinking into depression when feeling some support from those who have come up with these assertions before.

You are able to overcome the stressful events

If the very anticipation of an event makes you anxious, then amid the action you risk getting confused and frustrated, and it translates into mistakes, failure of your work, utmost anxiety, or mental disorder. 
By practicing positive affirmations in advance, you set yourself up in the right way, feel in control of the situation, and do not doubt the smooth outcome.

You accept failure without losing your mind

Bad things can happen, and the world won’t change. However, because of anxiety, our subconscious is fanning the slightest of our failings into a catastrophe. Here, it is very useful to turn to affirmations, as they help to look at the world positively. Thus, you are sure that you have not become worse. You are still good, and there are many opportunities and attempts to do everything even better.

Some Positive Affirmations Against Anxiety

Among the ways to relieve anxiety, positive mantras are somewhere next to relaxing music because they set the same rhythm and mood. We are ready to offer you help in both areas. You can visit The Relaxing Panda YouTube channel for music or our affirmations page for positive thinking. Combine all this for a powerful meditative effect! 

We also suggest you analyze a couple of positive statements to understand how they work.

The Situation Isn’t Good or Bad

Value judgments about certain phenomena may be superfluous. We’re so used to labeling situations as bad or good that it narrows our perception and keeps us from thinking bigger. With this affiliation, you remind yourself that your case is not straightforward, and everything is for the best.

I’m Safe and Under No Threats from The World

This mantra will come in handy if you are in a state of extreme anxiety and feel in danger almost everywhere. Its calming effect will help to soothe your inner panic and prevent you from drifting into even more stress. Just tell your inner self once again that you are not in danger – and you are really not, after all!

Anxiety Flows Out as I Relax and Slow My Breathing

Because the mind and body are inextricably linked, we’re dealing with basic psychosomatics here. You concentrate on breathing, and your body relaxes and releases internal tension, freeing up space for tranquility

I Choose to React Positively to All Situations

It is important to stay calm and positive while going through difficult periods. Practice this affirmation to remind yourself that you can take events easily, see their positive aspects, and find a way out. This is more productive than stupor or panic because of the increasing anxiety.

There’s No Obstacle That I Can’t Overcome

We suppose you realize that this statement is too self-confident. However, self–confidence is just what you lack when you feel fear and anxiety. Use it so that doubts about your own capabilities never overwhelm you. This increases your chances for success when passing through life’s trials.

We will discover nothing new for you if we say that positive affirmations form a positive attitude. Of course, even if this is not an absolute guarantee of success, you increase your chances of a favorable result, while a negative attitude contributes to failure. Affirmations let you change the feeling of anxiety and uncertainty to the calmness and joy of life regardless of the events that occur in it.