How to Use the Power of Your Thoughts to Realize Your Dreams

Using your own mind is a sensible idea in most cases. We hope you have resorted to this kind of practice more often than not. But have you ever tried to attract opportunities into your life with the power of your thoughts?

The approach we are going to talk about in this article does not factor out your efforts, determination, and skills. But it can help you a lot to bring what you want into your life, which can make you feel happier.

In a few words, all that you have to do is create the image and allow it by using your thoughts. You can sink into a state of positive vibrations and fixate on the pattern that you have created while you are listening to music. The widest choice of appropriate tunes is waiting for you on our YouTube channel! Let us now proceed to the merits of the matter, beginning with the most important—the manifestation.

What Is a Manifestation, and Why Is It Important?

Turning an idea into a real event with the power of your thoughts is known as “manifestation.” This is a tool with options. To use it, you should be sure of the way it operates. And its key functional principle is “wishes come true.” You might even be unaware of a wonder you do every other minute when you are thinking of something!

That is why it is very important to reflect self-consciously and bear responsibility for your visions all the time. Just build the habit of refusing any unconscious manifestations. Avoid thinking about negative events because, as previously stated, your thoughts tend to become your reality.

This phenomenon is known as the law of attraction. You attract the events on which you focus. How can you influence the process and achieve the result sooner?

How to Follow Your Dreams

Take it seriously! The power of your thoughts impacts your current life and your future. There are some hints on how you can keep the process under control and create the environment you want to live in. 

Make sure that you know what you want

To continue, we should talk about your wishes. Most people have vague desires. Are you one of them? When this is the case, you should phrase your dream in precise words and express it in material terms. You will see that it is not as easy as it seems. But this practice is vital for you above all else because it will make your wishes clearer and reveal your true needs.

Just answer these questions:

  • What exactly do you want?
  • When do you want to get it?
  • Why is it important for you?
  • How will it change your life?
  • Are you ready for those changes?
  • Is it your true desire?

When you think, “I wish for a career boost,” instead you may just want to earn more money, move to another city, or get more respect from your family. What is your true desire?

You will understand your objectives precisely if you provide the wording. You may need several attempts. 

Your final manifestation should tingle through your soul, be in harmony with your vision of life, and not contain negative phrases.

Visualize your wish and fixate on it

Now, that the formal issues have been addressed, you should imagine the moment when your dream came true. Just generate the picture in detail mentally. Do you enjoy it? You should capture this image and keep visualizing it from time to time.

In order to enhance the exercise, you can:

  1. Make a vision board. The classical one is made on a sheet of paper. You should fill it with appropriate pictures, displaying your wish. Keep this board on the wall in your room to view it every day. Or you may make it virtual and keep it on your laptop, looking through it frequently.
  2. Try the “369 method” or the so-called “Nikola Tesla method.” Tesla believed that the number three was magic, being connected to the universe. Use it to contribute to your practice. It is suggested that you write down your wish three times every morning. Repeat this action six times in the afternoon and nine times at night.
  3. Meditate. Meditation is a technique that helps you develop awareness of what you are focused on. The particular music will calm your mind so that it can visualize your dreams.

Take efforts

The practice does not grant wishes. It supports your intention and launches external events that will bring happy opportunities. But you should:

  • be ready to act;
  • benefit from those chances;
  • develop new habits;
  • ensure that your behavior and thoughts are positive.

Stay positive

Positive thinking is very important. The power of your thoughts will help you achieve your goals, but it will take some time. You should stay focused on the desired result, attracting people, events, and things that move you toward your dream. It means that you should actively look for the positive things around you.

You should be absolutely confident in your new reality, but take your current life as an adventure and enjoy it!

Our final words

Just stay open-minded and positive. Think about what you want to have. Continue living with pleasure without being mad if you haven’t gotten what you want yet. Remember that there are reasons that can postpone the fulfillment of your desires, including your doubts or frustration. But, rest assured, the power of your thoughts, supported by your visualization and meditation music, works!