Why the Sound of Rain Should Be on Your Daily Playlist

Have you ever noticed that you feel especially good when it’s raining outside? In fact, these sensations are not at all illusory, since your nervous system reacts favorably to the rain pitter-pattering on window sills and roofs. Moreover, many psychologists and therapists recommend not waiting for the weather to present us with such a gift and listening to the sound of rain regularly through appropriate meditative tracks. So, let’s find out why the sounds of pouring water should be in your playlist and what you will benefit from listening to them.

How Does the Sound of Rain Affect Our Nerves and Mind?

It may sound surprising to you, but the noise of rain and its effect on our nervous system have become objects of study by specialists. Today, its positive impact has unconditional scientific ground.

So, music therapists put an emphasis on the so-called rhythmic qualities of rain. According to the researchers, its benefits lie in consistency and predictability. Yes, its pitter-patter may become weaker or stronger, but it will remain uniform, and this has a relaxing and calming effect on our nervous system.

A stable rhythm is not fraught with surprises, and this perception is inherent in all of us by nature itself. Thus, the sound of the rain brings us comfort and a sense of security.

Psychotherapists also agree with this point of view. In their opinion, the rain noise is one of the so-called grounding techniques for situations when we are anxious, frustrated, or in a state of panic. The sound of rain gently distracts us from experiences, brings reality back to us, and gives us a sense of the ground and a more confident connection with our own bodies and the world around us.

Marine biologists voice about the same view on the benefits of rainfall noise for each of us. Their research shows that this delightful uniform sound introduces a person into the so-called default mode. This means that you do not need to be on your guard and analyze auditory signals waiting for a trick all the time. 

The predictable rustle of the rain allows you to immerse yourself or dream. Such a state is the best basis for self-analysis and creativity.

What Happens if You Listen to the Sound of Rain Regularly?

Just as Lo-Fi music helps us to work and study more productively, the noise of rain is extremely favorable for our emotional state and nervous system. So, imagine that you have found the natural sound of falling water (for example, on the Relaxing Panda YouTube channel) and now it is in your headphones. What benefits will you derive from regularly listening to rainfall? Let’s figure it out!

You Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Anxiety and stress have become so integral companions of our lives that they seem like the norm to us. Wallace J. Nichols, a marine biologist, calls this state “red mind” and emphasizes its naturalness in cases when we are striving for something, achieving something, or trying to solve a complex problem. However, the constant presence of the “red mind” entails the risk of a nervous breakdown.

The state of meditativeness and relaxation, the opposite of this, Nichols calls “blue mind”. It occurs when we are near the water and we feel the tension, anxiety, and stress that leave us step by step. From time to time, we all need to immerse ourselves in this state. 

Don’t worry if you can’t go to the river, lake, or ocean right now. A half-hour listening to the sound of rain in your headphones in a moment of anxiety or frustration is a fair substitute.

Your Meditation Is More Successful

We all know about the benefits of meditation, but not everyone gets to practice it correctly. There are so many things around us that prevent us from concentrating that sometimes we can’t sit still and are distracted all the time. However, you will curb your thirst for activity if the sound of rain accompanies your meditative practices.

The fact is that the sounds of rain falling create the very “white noise” that you’ve probably heard about. It does not carry a special message and does not require you to listen intently to yourself. You drift in the flow of this natural sound, and your thoughts and spirit enter into the process of contemplation and self-knowledge, which is the major goal of meditation.

You Fall Asleep Faster and Sleep Better

The problem of insomnia and poor sleep quality is becoming almost ubiquitous. Sometimes you can’t fall asleep, even if you are exhausted. But wait! Have you noticed how much faster you fall asleep and how much more soundly you sleep under the sound of rain? 

Indeed, the smooth and predictable rustle of water calms and lulls. Your tired brain does not perceive it as a threat and therefore switches from external signal processing mode to a relaxed state. This is what you need for a full and invigorating rest.

Your Concentration Becomes Good as Well

Another bonus from the sound of rain is your opportunity to take all your attention and direct it to a more successful performance of any work. This effect is also associated with “white noise” and a sense of security and self-focus. Your nervous system and thinking feel safe, and you can do what you want and need with no fuss and distraction.


The positive effects of the sound may make you want to add it to your playlist as soon as possible. However, there is another benefit that is important to us. The noise of the rain brings freshness, comfort, and calmness, and we like it so much! Allow enjoyable sounds into your life, as this will contribute to your mental health and well-being.

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