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-Lao Tzu

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Check out some of the most popular relaxing videos from our youtube channel. These videos have been created to help relieve you of stress and anxiety.

4K LoFi Study Man Music Video

This beautiful relaxing animated LoFi video is sure to keep you focused and relaxed. The continuous nostalgic LoFi track is sure to bring you back to a better mindset.

4K LoFi Girl Music Video

You will feel like you are on top of the world while watching and listening to this LoFi track. As she sits on top of this building looking over the city, so shall you feel like you are above all negativity.

Next Level Lofi Guy

This LoFi video is sure to get you into the study mood, great for studying, working or relaxing.

Relaxing Piano On The Horizon

Relax and sit back on this beautiful time-lapse of the horizon while taking in this epic piano song. Definitely one of our favorites.

Relaxing Piano Sunrise

The most beautiful morning sunrise piano song is perfect for a sunny morning routine, or use it to pull you out of the rainy day blues.

Soothing Bonfire At The Beach

Nothing soothes and relaxes the soul like the sound of the rolling ocean mixed with a fast crackling bonfire. Let this Beach bonfire take you away from it all.

Beautiful Piano Music for Stress Relief

Relax and sit back on this beautiful Piano music stress relief video.

Focus Flute Music for Positive Energy

This Flute nature video is sure to put you into a relaxing state and raise those vibrations to put you into the mood you need to be in.

Peaceful Calming Music for Deep Relaxation

Yet another peaceful, calming music nature video to help you relax.

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